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Auto Meter Z-SERIES Digital, 2-1/16", Boost Controller (30 In. Hg./30 PSI)


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Offering an unparalleled feature set, the AutoMeter Boost Controller redefines what a boost controller should be. In addition to the standard hi/lo mode, boost by RPM and boost by gear give you absolute control of your power delivery. Initial setup is incredibly simple using an intuitive menu and a evolutionary gear capture process. Configurable warnings with peak recall and boost shutdown are standard safety features designed to protect your engine. A scalable display range allows you to tailor resolution to show only the needed range for your application. AutoMeter's Pro Control output system is equipped to allow electric devices to be controlled at a user defined boost pressure (such as water/meth injection, nitrous, etc.) as well as Pro-Control input to default to waste gate spring pressure should the need arise. Display pressure in PSI, BAR, or kPa and easily data log and display with or without real-time barometric compensation. A direct plug wiring harness is included for ease of installation.
  • User programmable high/low boost, boost by gear, and boost by RPM.
  • EZ On-Controller Programming - No Need for External Modules
  • Exclusive Progressive Overboost Warning System and Peak Recall
  • Patented Pro-Control Input Allows External Devices to Trigger Safety Mode and Prevent Engine Damage. Patented Pro-Control Output Enables Automatic Control of Other Power Systems - Nitrous, Water/Methanol Injection
  • Configurable Data Logger Output for Easy ECU or Data Logger Integration.
  • Ideal for Single or Twin Turbo Turbocharged Applications. Not For Diesel Applications or Wastegate-less Setups
  • Display readings in PSI, kPa, or BAR
  • Includes 6ft. Wire harness, MAP sensor, Boost Control Valve
  • Programmable high boost warning and shut down modes.

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  • PART NUMBER: 2681
  • FROM: Auto Meter

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