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DEATSCHWERKS 650cc Fuel Injectors

$379.00  $341.10
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DW offers the most sizes and the most applications
  • Modern Muscle, Sport Compact, European, and Bosch EV14 universal
  • Sizes ranging from 370 to 2200 cc/min (35 to 200 lb/hr) for 100's of car models
  • Consistently first to market for the latest models
DW provides the best injector quality, service and tech support
  • OE quality and reliability
  • 3-year comprehensive warranty
  • Multi-point dynamic set matching
  • Product support via email, IM and phone
DW makes installing and tuning as easy as possible
  • Application specific drop-in fitment
  • Online calculators & wizard
  • Detailed flow report with every set
  • Injector characterizations for data you need
The Application Specific Approach
In 2005 DeatschWerks revolutionized the fuel injector market by offering drop-in fitment, application specific fuel injectors. Before then, universal fuel injectors were the norm and customers were left to their own means to choose, fit, and tune their injectors. When you shop at DW, you shop year, make, and model. All the injectors listed for your model are engineered to fit your OE harness, OE fuel rail and OE manifold. DW customers spend less time installing and tuning, and more time enjoying the increased performance of their car.

Dynamic Flow Matching
Fuel injectors do not operate in a static state so why test them in a static state? In your engine, fuel injectors are a very dynamic component, constantly changing frequencies and pulse widths to precisely deliver the fuel you need. Our multi-point dynamic flow testing process mimics these conditions by testing at multiple pulse widths within each of the ranges below:

Low Range (1-2 milliseconds) - Low pulse widths are used during idle, light throttle cruising, and deceleration. However, expensive electronic flow meters are required for accurate testing in this range so few companies actually balance their injectors this low. Low pulse width balancing is crucial for a smooth idle on large injectors.

Transitional Range (2-4 milliseconds) - The transitional range covers the pulse widths that typically make up the non-linear range of injectors. Although most DW injectors are linear well into the low pw range, transitional balance is important because many high flow injectors spend a majority of time in this range.

Linear Range (4-10+ milliseconds) - The linear range pulse widths are used during medium and high load conditions. Proper balancing in this range allows for advanced timing and increased boost pressure to yield higher and safer peak horsepower. Many companies that dynamically balance their injectors only flow test in the linear range.

Direct Injection
Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) is the future of automobile fuel delivery, and DeatschWerks offers the only commercially available high-flow GDI injectors.
  • 1700cc/min @ 100 bar - 30% increase in flow over OE injectors
  • OE Spray Pattern - Patent Pending Technology retains OE start up, fuel economy and drivability
  • Street Tested - Thousands of miles logged on all applications offered
2001-2006 AUDI A4/TT 1.8L TURBO
1999-2006 GOLF GTI 1.8L TURBO

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  • PART NUMBER: 17U-01-0650-4

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DEATSCHWERKS 650cc Fuel Injectors
DEATSCHWERKS 650cc Fuel Injectors
$379.00  $341.10
Save: 10% off

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