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CAM MOTION TITAN V LS1 Hydraulic Roller Camshaft [232-238 | .621-.604 | 113] (GM LS)

CAM MOTION TITAN V LS1 Hydraulic Roller Camshaft [232-238 | .621-.604 | 113] (GM LS)

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Grind # XA232/365-X238-355-13+4
Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
Aggressive Street Performance
Duration at .050": 232/238
113 Lobe Center Angle with a 109 Intake Centerline
Lift with 1.7 Rocker Arm Ratio: .621"/.604"
Recommended Displacement: 5.7-6.2 Liter Engines
Cylinder Heads: Cathedral Port
Recommended Compression Ratio: 10.0-11.5:1
Recommended Headers: 1 3/4" - 1 7/8"
Recommended Stall Converter: 3000-4500
Recommended Rear Axle Ratio: 3.73-4.56
*Designed for factory style, or high flow aftermarket long runner intake manifolds.

The TITAN V LS1 camshaft is designed for aggressive street performance or street/strip in cars using 5.3-6.2 liter LS engines equipped with cathedral port, LS1 style heads. The TITAN V LS1 will have a heavy lope to the idle and strong upper midrange to high RPM power. This camshaft is designed to be used for vehicles equipped with headers, high flow or racing exhaust and high stall speed torque converter, high flow intake systems and optimal rear axle ratios.

If you are looking for a very aggressive cam for street/strip or mild race, this camshaft is a good choice.

5150 Induction Hardened Chromium Camshafts
Induction hardened 5150 steel alloy camshafts are the standard camshaft that most all of our competitors sell. While it is not the best available, 5150 camshaft are what GM uses and are perfectly fine for most applications if proper care is taken to finish the lobes properly. We offer 5150 camshafts options for milder applications.

8660 Induction Hardened Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Camshafts
Induction hardened 8660 steel alloy camshaft cores have a superior alloy to the 5150 cam cores. 8660 camshafts are a step up over the 5150 cam cores. We offer 8660 camshafts for most applications including VVT equipped LS engines and Gen 5 LT engines.

8620 Carburized Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Camshafts
Cam Motion's standard LS camshaft cores are our 8620 Carburized Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum steel alloy camshafts. Our 8620 camshafts are a superior alloy to the 5150 cams and these cores also endure a more involved oven hardening process. This hardening process creates more durable wear surfaces on the lobes while maintaining the desirable ductility characteristics of the the 8620 alloy. The final product is a camshaft that is stronger with a more durable wear surface. Our 8620 cams are a superior product that are used in Top Fuel Dragsters, Funny Cars, Pro-Stock and more. The 8620 camshafts are available for all LS applications except VVT equipped engines.

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  • PART NUMBER: 03-01-0014

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