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Spohn Pro-Series Transmission Crossmember Mounted Torque Arm, Adjustable, 200-4R (1982-1992 Camaro & Firebird)

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Spohn Pro-Series torque arms are the strongest and hardest hooking torque arms on the market. If you need bullet-proof strength, serious performance, improved handling, and pavement digging traction when you’re at the dragstrip, AutoX, or road racing; then you need a Spohn Performance Pro-Series torque arm, here’s what it’ll do:

• Attaches to the rear axle and controls rear end torque during acceleration, transferring this energy into the tires, increasing straight line traction
• Reduces nose-dive during braking
• Eliminates wheel hop
• Increases side bite during corner exit acceleration
• Bolt-on system does not require complete interior removal as with other kits
• No fabrication, welding or drilling required - 100% bolt-in installation!
• Removes the torque arm pivot point from the rear of the transmission to the supplied crossmember
• Changes the instantaneous center and leverage point from stock
• Provides adjustable pinion angle

We offer the option of getting your torque arm with a front driveshaft safety loop: NHRA rules call for a front driveshaft safety loop to prevent catapulting of the vehicle in the event of a front u-joint or driveshaft failure. Protect yourself, and your investment, and play it safe by containing the front of the driveline.

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