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SPOHN "Mountain Goat Series" High Steer Steering Correction Kit (2007-2014 JEEP Wrangler JK)

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The Mountain Goat Series™ high steer steering correction kit is a necessary upgrade on any Jeep® JK Wrangler that is lifted 3.0" or more.

If your Jeep® JK Wrangler is lifted 3.0" or more the steering geometry (angles) and the vehicle's roll center have been severely altered. This results in poor handling, wandering, bump-steer, and terrible steering accuracy. The easy way to correct this and restore accurate steering and precision handling is by flipping the drag link to the top of the spindle, this is called a "high steer" conversion. This restores the steering linkage angles close to where they were before your Jeep® was lifted.

When you flip your steering drag link to the top of the spindle you also need to raise the front track bar where it mounts to the front axle housing on the passenger's side so it runs on the same angle (parallel) as the steering drag link. This brings the roll center closer to its center of gravity which greatly reduces body roll. You never want to do one or the other, if you do one, you must do the other.

This high steer correction kit includes our SKU# JK-HSDL-1375 extreme duty high steer flipped drag link and our SKU# JK-130 front track bar relocation bracket all in one package. Click on the preceding links to get all of their product details and then come back here and order everything you need to properly perform and install a high steer system in one complete discounted package.

Requirements when doing a high steer flip to the top of the spindle:
  • Must be used with minimum 3" tall front bump stop extensions.
  • Requires the use of 4.75" or less backspace front wheels or the use of wheel spacers on the factory front wheels.
  • You will need to ream or drill the passenger's side spindle mounting hole from the top. You can use a 7.15° (1.5"/Ft.) tapered reamer such as our SKU# TR715-15 or you can drill the hole out with a 53/64" drill bit and then install our SKU# JK-HSSA1 tapered spindle adapter sleeve (included).
Note: If you'd like to carry a spare tie rod end you can order our SKU# TRE1T-875-18L, the same tie rod end is used on both ends of the drag link.

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