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Moser Engineering 9" Stamped Heavy Duty Housing w/ Torque Arm Bracket (1982-2002 Camaro & Firebird)


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In competitive racing, you can’t leave anything to chance. The proper setup using quality hi-performance parts is the only way to ensure that the time you spend setting up your vehicle is not wasted. Why spend a ton of money on a new engine that could fuel a rocket to the moon, and then turnaround and buy an old rusted out rear end that is probably going blow up in the water box? Doesn’t make much sense. At Moser Engineering, only the best materials are used when producing our 9” Housings. Our heavy-duty banjos are reinforced in critical stress-point areas, thickened up considerably when compared to its’ OEM counterpart. New, seamless housing tube is essential in assuring ultimate housing strength, which our 3” in diameter tubing is not only seamless, but also a 1⁄4” thick. We also use newly stamped high-strength brackets that are considerably thicker than used OEM brackets. Included with each housing produced are newly forged housing ends, as well as new bushings. Call today and step-up to the best 9” housing available.

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