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LINGENFELTER Supercharger Upgrade Overdrive Harmonic Balancer Kit (GM LSA)


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The Lingenfelter CTS-V supercharger overdrive harmonic balancer upgrade kit is designed to enhance the new 2009 LSA Cadillac CTS-V supercharged engine. The LPE overdrive harmonic balancer kit produces excellent horsepower and torque improvements over the factory 556 horsepower and 551 lbs ft of torque while maintaining a safe level of boost and supercharger RPM.

This harmonic balancer kit will increase boost by raising the RPM of your supercharger by overdriving it from the harmonic balancer. This kit does not replace the driven supercharger pulley on the supercharger snout. The Lingenfelter CTS-V overdrive harmonic balancer hub can be used with our 5% overdrive or 10% overdrive supercharger balancer pulley which is a required separate item.

Testing at Lingenfelter has shown over 40 rear wheel horsepower improvement and over 3.5 lbs of boost with the 10% overdrive balancer pulley installed with the stock supercharger pulley on an otherwise stock engine.

With tuning the LPE CTSV overdrive harmonic balancer can be used alone or with fuel system upgrades it could be used in conjunction with our supercharger driven pulley upgrade kit for higher boost levels.

Parts included in kit:
- Lingenfelter ATI overdrive harmonic - balancer hub powder coated black
- 8 rib
- Balancer hub has a keyway to accept the factory crank key
- Air conditioning pulley - black powder coated
- Installation kit includes new crankshaft bolt and friction washer.

You must chose one of these along with the hub kit:
- 5% Supercharger overdrive pulley black powder coated steel
- 10% Supercharger overdrive pulley black powder coated steel

You should also upgrade the air intake with the Lingenfelter 2009 CTS-V air intake kit to prevent the factory duct from sucking shut with the higher volume of air moving through the system.

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