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DIABLOSPORT MAFia, MAF Interface Adapter, 12" (1996-2004 FORD Car & Truck)


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The DiabloSport MAFia provides real world plug and play control of your vehicle's Mass Air Meter, or "MAF". The MAFia allows you to precisely control and regulate MAF sensor voltage to prevent "pegging", eliminating the need for prefabricated custom MAF Sensors.
  • Used with Forced Induction.
  • Plug & Play Installation Once Tuned
  • Factory Spec Connectors
  • 8 Custom Settings
The MAfia is an easy to use plug and play interface for extending your MAF's range.
  • Avoid "Pegging" The Meter
  • Repeatable Results
  • No Cutting or Splicing
  • Fits any Ford 96-10
Ford MAF sensors, depending on the year, are capable of delivering a signal measuring airflow up to 8-12 volts. However, Ford ECU's only read to 5 volts, and therefore cannot apply the entire spectrum of read data to the injector curve if airflow surpasses a volume that would give a reading higher than that 5-volt limit. The MAFia allows a custom tuner to rescale a curve that is in a range greater than 5 volts down to the 0-5 v range that the ECU can read.

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  • PART NUMBER: F7373

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