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Injector Dynamics 1700cc Failures

ID1700 fail ???

Anyone had problems with Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors?

ID1300 Recall???

Matt Golab reviewed Injector Dynamics - 1 star
February 29, 2016
Horrible choice for injectors. Literally sold these injectors before using them based off of their atrocious customer service from (Tony, and Ryan) who were rude, arrogant, and dismissive of my issues. Don't waste your money here as i had to eat a loss because they would not return a brand new unopened in box item .There are many other companies who offer the same thing for a fraction of the cost and are a joy to deal with comparably.

Tony Cascio reviewed Injector Dynamics - 1 star
November 16, 2015
Heard really good things about ID 1000s when researching injectors. Unfortunately, when my tuner put these in the car started having idle and tuning issues. He did a flow test on injectors and they were all over the place. Four were right on, 2 were under, 2 were over flowing. Bought a set of FIC1000 and issue gone. Sent back to ID for warranty and they tell me we owe $200. These injectors were pulled out of the package seconds before installing. I hate leaving a negative review and this is my first negative review on Facebook but I paid $1000 for something I did not get and now stuck paying $200 to get them right.


"Your ignorance is clear. Have a good day." - Tony Palo of Injector Dynamics - 01-02-2018 (Is this who you want to buy from? When money is not going to be made off you, should you be treated like this?)

"The cocksucker from [XXXXXXXX], or some shit like that?" and "Maybe I should just call him taint?" - Paul Yaw of Injector Dynamics - 01-02-2018 (Sent in by a customer of theirs. Really, these are the people you want to give money to and if things go wrong, this is how they talk about you behind your back?)

These are the owners of Injector Dynamics. I guess the review from Matt Golab above in bold/underlined holds true. Do people who run businesses take time to write comments like this publically? No company is perfect but should company owners be publically blasting customers they do not like? What if you currently have a great relationship with Injector Dynamics but then have a problem with their product and things go sour? Would you like to be next in line to be publically blasted by the owners?

When you feel the need to bad mouth your competitors because you are afraid of competition. The Bullshit Epidemic

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DEATSCHWERKS uses the same Bosch injectors as Injector Dynamics and costs less and has injector data available just like Injector Dynamics. DEATSCHWERKS is just able to buy Bosch injectors in higher volume to keep prices low for the consumer. All modifications to injectors are done in house at DEATSCHWERKS.

If you want to be treated with respect from a company where the owners and employees spend more time solving problems that may arise than going publically harassing their customers via social media like 3 year olds as shown above, look into DEATSCHWERKS.

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