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LG Motorsports
LG Motorsports

A Note from Lou Gigliotti

LG Motorsports was started in 1988 when I ran the Corvette Challenge series. We started it so that we could have a base to run that series from and we ran a two car team for two seasons.

One of our sayings is: "We blur the line between racing and street." This comes from our close connection to the racing world.

My role now is to steer the ship. Louis, my son, handles the day-to-day operation so it frees me up to make strategic decisions. Racing helps us innovate great street products for the Corvette market and our experience in the extreme environments that racing is conducted in, allows us to get it right the first time which benefits our customers.

As you browse our website, keep in mind that you are getting over 35 years of on-track experience as just part of doing business with LG Motorsports. Thank you for your business!

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