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Powerhouse Products is the premier online store for engine builders and automotive machinists, providing performance tools and measuring instruments that are the industry standard in precision and durability. A proud member of the COMP Performance Group, Powerhouse Products utilizes the resources of the largest engineering and development team in the performance aftermarket. This enables the discovery of innovative ways to make your job as an automotive machinist or performance engine builder much easier and more efficient.

Our product line is not limited to mere tools and measuring equipment alone. Powerhouse Products also has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and specialty tools for unique tuning applications. Need more information on a specific engine application? Check out our endless supply of "how-to" automotive reference materials, including books, manuals, videos, DVDs and even performance simulation software!

No matter if you're an automotive machinist, a racing enthusiast or an engine building perfectionist that depends on meticulous evaluation, Powerhouse Products has the tools and measuring instruments that make sure you turn precision into power!

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