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Scorpion Performance, Inc. is a precision manufacturer of automotive and marine aftermarket engine components and assemblies for high performance and racing applications. The Company currently occupies 95,000 square feet of floor space in three buildings on 23 acres of land in Ocala, Florida.

Scorpion Performance has achieved a leading global market position by utilizing state-of-the-art automated robotic manufacturing processes and technologies, by focusing on continuous quality improvement, and by building strong customer, supplier and stakeholder relationships. Scorpion Performance achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification in January 2012.

Scorpion Performance evolved from an offshore powerboat race team and group of engine builders led by Scorpion founders Robert and Teresa Stopanio. Together, they operated a very successful engine building company, Blue Thunder Engines, and won numerous offshore powerboat racing championships using their own powerplants.

Due to Stopanio's success in building engines for the powerboat market, demand for his engines began to grow from circle track and drag racing teams as well. Asphalt circle track racers, dirt track racers and 1/4-mile drag racers all came to Blue Thunder Engines because of the company's outstanding reputation for speed and durability. Stopanio and his engine team had hundreds of years of combined experience, and it showed in every race-winning engine they built. The team was very technically inclined and tested new innovations constantly. With over 30 years of racing experience, Stopanio’s team, engines and parts are responsible for 32 national championships in various racing series. Not surprisingly, most of Stopanio's team is still working at Scorpion today.

After a very successful career in racing and engine building, Rob and Teresa Stopanio decided to go into manufacturing some of the parts that go into high performance racing engines. Because they had first-hand racing experience, they knew what endurance and tolerance levels engine parts needed to have in order to last and to win. Thus, Scorpion Performance was born in 1999 and rocker arms were the first parts produced. Today, Scorpion is the world's largest manufacturer of aluminum roller rocker arms. The company also produces lifters, pushrods, valves, valve springs, valve train stabilizers (stud girdles), fuel rail kits, throttle bodies, fuel pump pushrods, lubricants and more.

Scorpion is successful in part because it manufactures products using the most technologically advanced tools and machines in the world. By utilizing the most sophisticated technology, Scorpion is able to maintain its leadership role in producing the absolute finest precision parts. This technology also enables Scorpion to achieve superior quality at economies of scale that allows the Company to make its prices ultra-competitive.

Scorpion has proven that its fully automated, robotically controlled tooling, combined with its round-the-clock production capacity, effectively offsets the low wage advantage the Far East relies on and beats countries such as China at their own game. This productivity is a major marketing point for Scorpion, and of course, faster manufacturing means faster distribution to customers. But the icing on the cake is the priceless advantage of being able to stamp "MADE IN USA" on these products!

Scorpion is also successful because it performs intense research and testing on every product it manufactures. An in-house engine building department, a dynamometer, and real world use in numerous Scorpion-sponsored race vehicles including drag race cars, circle track race cars and offshore race boats enable the company to test its products for quality and durability under the most intense conditions. Every product Scorpion makes is dyno tested and race proven before it is ever offered for sale to the public. The result of this is top quality race winning parts and very satisfied customers.

Simply put, Scorpion Performance beats the competition by offering its customers superior quality that meets and beats Far East pricing and delivery schedules. Plus, while most U.S. competitors are locked into old machinery and traditional manufacturing techniques, Scorpion Performance is committed to updating and replacing its sophisticated tooling every three years. The company's manufacturing processes are also continually updated to achieve greater efficiency and higher quality.

The economic implications of Scorpion's ability to say, "Made in America"

The staggering trade imbalance the U.S. has worked its way into has reached precarious levels; most noteworthy in the disastrous devaluation of the dollar vs. most major world currencies. Much of this is the result of U.S. companies and marketers rushing to low-wage manufacturers, primarily in the Far East.

The U.S. Auto industry is the No. 1 contributor to America's trade imbalance despite the influx of foreign car manufacturers to set up assembly plants in this country. Computers are the No. 2 source of the nation's reliance on offshore companies and workers. And No. 3 is Motor Vehicle Parts.

Recently, 32% of all motor vehicle parts were manufactured overseas, representing $71 billion of America's trade deficit…and those numbers have continued to rise! However, Scorpion Performance has proven that robotically controlled automation and high quality are the secret to offsetting the low-wage advantage of the East. As a result, Scorpion is manufacturing more and more orders that otherwise would have gone overseas, and more and more Americans are being hired to run the machinery to do it.

Through the use of technologically advanced manufacturing, strategic marketing and fast distribution, Scorpion Performance looks forward to continued growth for its products and is proud to declare, "Made by Americans in the USA!"

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