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DIRTY DINGO LSx Truck Engine Swap Package - EZ Mounts DD-3550C

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This package is designed for swapping the LS (Gen 3 / Gen 4) 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 and 6.2 LS truck engine into older muscle cars using Dingo EZ adjustable conversion mounts. EZ mounts are a direct fit for 1973-98 clam shell style engine mounts and retain the factory mounts on the frame. These parts are bundled to help cut the cost of buying each piece separately. This package includes Dingo Slider LS conversion engine mounts, Dingo water pump spacers, and either aDirty Dingo billet aluminum power steering alternator bracket, or a Dirty Dingo billet aluminum high power steering alternator bracket.

-The Dingo EZ Adjustable Conversion Mounts are from .250 plate steel. These Patented Design motor mounts are for installing the 1997-2013 Gen III/IV LS series engine into older 1973-1998 GM cars. They are slotted for adjustment with engine placementin the engine compartment. These mounts will allow you to move the engine from the original bell housing position up to 2 1/2 inches forward, and up to 1/2 inch rearward. These conversion mounts fit over the factory frame mounted engine mounts. May require using aftermarket oil pan. Grade-8 hardware included.

-The Dingo Water Pump Spacers allow you to install a Camaro water pump for clearance issues with the water neck outlet of the original truck water pump when swapping to a car style LS1 intake manifold.

-The Dirty Dingo Billet Power Steering Alternator Bracket allows you to run the original LS truck power steering pump, idler pulley, and alternator. This will fit a large or small case alternator. This positions the alternator lower than the top of an LS1 intake manifold.

-The Dirty Dingo Billet High Power Steering Alternator Bracket allows you to run raise the power steering pump. Uses a power steering pump from 1990-95 Chevrolet Truck. This will fit a 105 amp or 145 amp alternator. This positions the alternator 1 1/2 inches lower than the top of an LS1 intake manifold.

* Alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and pulleys are not included in this kit.
* May require aftermarket oil pan. Truck LS pans do not fit in car applications.
* Designed to fit 1998-2002 Camaro and 2000-2013 Truck LS Vortec Alternators. Will not fit Corvette, CTSV, or 2010 up Camaro Alternators.

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