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ARP Rear Cover Bolt Kit [BLACK OXIDE | HEX] (CHRYSLER 5.7L & 6.1L HEMI)

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ARP's timing cover bolts are available in both polished stainless steel or black oxide finish chrome moly. You also can choose between standard hex head bolts or compact 12-point fasteners.

Studs are preferred by many Pro engine builders because they eliminate the chance of pinching gaskets and contribute to easier engine assembly. You will note that ARP studs feature a special "bullet nose" to guide the nut accurately into place. Available in black oxide finish 8740 chrome moly or polished stainless steel with hex or 12-point nuts.

Alternators that come loose are a pain, so that's why ARP came up with these super tough bolts. Your choice of chrome moly steel or polished stainless (nominally rated at 180,000 psi). The stainless has the added advantage of being rust and corrosion resistant. It's the fastener of choice!

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  • PART NUMBER: 140-0002
  • FROM: ARP (automotive Racing products)

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