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halltech Killer Bee MF103 Ram Air Induction, Black (2006-2013 Corvette LS3 & Z06)

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The Killer Bee MF103 is our CAD designed Plug and Play induction system for the LS3 and LS7.  It has been designed to require no additional tuning, but if you tune your car, expect 31 to 35 RWHP total with the MF103. Killer Bee MF103 Ram Air Induction is our base performance induction system requiring no tuning, no cutting, no water ingestion issues,which means you are warranty safe. It comes with the Beehive heat shield. It features our MAF forward design for perfect idle quality and MAF translation. You will never get codes of any kind from our intake system. The Halltech Killer Bee MF103 is our plug an play 15 RWHP unit, measures 103 to 104mm at the MAF cross section, and is engineered to translate the MAF tables exactly like stock, eliminating tuning or closed loop MAF tuning. It is for the tuner type Speed Shop only.
  • 2006-2012 C6Z06 and 2008-2012 LS3 C6 Base Corvette (The LS2 needs our conversion package)

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